Hotel de Paris - Installations

contemporary art - tights, washbasin,piping, Piet.sO 2018
Tap water
Piet.sO 2018

installation stinging nettle, found objects - Piet.sO 2018 - contemporary art installation
Nettle festering
Piet.sO 2018

installation in an old hotel-studio, bidet, dishes, don't marry me Piet.sO 2018
Don't marry me
Part II - Piet.sO 2018

installation mercerie feminist in tribute to me too and balancetonporc- Piet.sO 2018 - art contemporain
Les épinglés
Piet.sO 2018

sculpture, bird, Piet.sO 2015 - contemporary sculpture
As a bird,
On a wire Piet.sO 2015

haunted castel scupture in wool, Piet.sO 2015
haunted castel
but by what ? 2015